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- 12 issues / year

Psychologies is far from being limited to people in therapy, nor is it academic in its editorial approach. Sure we call upon experts -some of whom are bestsellers authors- but we first and foremost rely on testimonials and articles that carry a benefit to our female readers. Hence the extraordinary success of Psychologies on the competitive market of upscale women's magazine, as a "generalist magazine of our lives", a new, provocative editorial concept that considers women not just for the way they look (although that also matters to us), but also how they feel, and think".

Découvrez le premier magazine consacré à l'épanouissement personnel.

Se connaître et s'accepter, faire les bons choix, comprendre les liens qui vous unissent à vos proches pour vivre avec eux une relation harmonieuse, soccuper de soi, trouver sa propre spiritualité.

Avec Psychologies Magazine à vos côtés, vivez plus intensément et plus sereinement !