L'Ecole des loisirs (Books)

We now have updated our page with the 2019/20 collections. The first book will be sent in November 2019. If you would like to have the 8 books in one shipment you can order the 2018/19, 2017/18  or 2016/17 collections. However please note that some collections are no longer available.

Le Forum in partnership with the publisher l'Ecole des loisirs,  offers this year again the very popular book-subscriptions for your children. Receive 8 books, one per month during 8 months from November to June and choose from 8 collections depending on your child's age and/or level. You can subscribe at any time during the year and you will receive the already released books in one shipment.

There are two types of subscriptions (Single or Grouped).

The Grouped price is available when 3 or more subscriptions from any collections, are purchased. The subscriptions are then sent to one same address. So share the information with your friends and French class and be eligible for the Grouped price! For each 12 grouped subscriptions at the same address, receive 1 free subscription!

Note aux parents des élèves de Highgate Primary School in Adelaide, du lycée Condorcet de Sydney, de l'EFM de Melbourne, de FANS à Sydney (North), d'1,2,3  Soleil, des Alliances Francaise et autres écoles participantes ainsi que les personnes qui acceptent d'assurer la redistribution des livres aux autres familles participantes.

For subscription inquiries, please contact us via email leforummagz@gmail.com or by phone on 0401 153 254.