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- 8 livres en couleurs pour les 3 à 5 ans
- 8 colour books for the 3 to 5 year old

Ces livres mettent en scène de petits personnages qui leur ressemblent. Ils racontent des histoires variées, pleines de charme, d'émotion et de drôlerie. Les livres minimax sont choisis parmi les meilleurs de l'école des loisirs.

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8 books, one a month, from November to June, delivered to a day-care, school or your home at a very competitive price. 8 books, chosen with care by our editors and approved by bookstores, teachers and librarians as suitable for your child’s age group and likes. 8 books, varied, funny and engaging, selected from among the best new releases and the classics of children’s literature. By exploring these books with you, your child will discover heroes, and they’ll serve as guides for the life ahead.

Our collection stimulates curiosity and feelings, as well as a desire to understand more about the world. Enriching supplementary materials enhance the experience of our books and you can find these on our site at (english version).Things like games, activities, audio books, teaching and cultural aids, videos, etc.

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