ART PRESS x 22 + Art Press 2 x 8

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24 months / 22 issues + 8 Art Press 2

Bilingual French/English

Art press is a bilingual journal (English and French) that both analyses and informs across the whole spectrum of the contemporary arts : visual arts, literature, dance, theater, music, film, architecture, photography, video and electronic arts. Art press is a highly active and engaged player, thoroughly involved in the avant-garde movements for more than 25 years. Art press offers a comprehensive survey of the international scene. Each month, feature articles describe in detail and deeply analyse important events in the art world and far-reaching current phenomena. Special sections present an overview of today's art in a particular region of the world. Interview allow readers to meet artists, curators and dealers. Reviews of exhibitions and thematic columns give an even wider scope to every issue.

In May 2006, art press 2 was first published. It was a new coIlection of three-monthly bilingual themed issues, commenting on news events. Issues of art press 2 have had the themes: La Scène française ("The French scene"), Berlin, ville transit ("Berlin, transit city"), Cynisme et art contemporain ("Cynicism and contemporary art"), Les Nouveaux Réalistes ("The new realists"), Un numéro de choix ("A choice issue"), Londres, nouvelles sensations ("London, new sensations"), Performances contemporaines ("Performance today").